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Cosán = Pathway  

Cosan Studio was founded on the fundamental belief that life is constantly changing and that design must adapt and change with it to stay relevant. The team at Cosan Studio helps clients along the pathway to understanding and enjoying the benefits of thoughtful, well-designed structures that not only are beautiful, but also have the ability to stir emotions and invoke a reaction. They strongly believe that buildings can and should live lightly upon the surface of this planet we call home. 



Cosan Studio Team, Scott Carson, AIA



Scott Carson started Cosan Studio in 2019 after working 12+ years as a Principal at PHX Architecture. Scott started his architecture career working with the late George W. Christensen, after obtaining his Master's Degree in Architecture from Arizona State University. His passion for design, collaboration, and the environment led him to start Cosan Studio with the rest of the team who share a similar passion. Scott has been designing for 20+ years and many of his projects have graced the pages of local and national publications, and have been the recipient of numerous awards. Scott is licensed in Arizona, Texas, Utah, Colorado, New York, and Tennessee.

Cosan Studio Team, Tom Bell


Tom bell

Tom has over 16 years of experience in architecture, with strong expertise in custom residential and hospitality designs. Prior to joining Cosan Studio, Tom worked as a Project Architect at PHX Architecture after obtaining his Master's of Architecture from Arizona State University. Tom enjoys diving in head first on every project, ensuring that all the details come together to create masterfully designed and coordinated structures. He ensures that each project is carefully crafted and executed, guiding his clients through the entire design process.

Cosan Studio Team, Adam Kostis


Adam Kostis

Adam Kostis has been designing in the valley for the last eight years working alongside Scott Carson and Tom Bell. Adam received his Bachelor's of Architecture from the University of Arizona. Having lived in Arizona for the last 29 years, he holds a strong connection to the Sonoran Desert. One of his favorite design strategies is to use light as a tool for carving space. Adam also believes that architecture should engage the landscape in a meaningful way through distillation, detail, craft, and poetics. All of which are successfully executed with passion, and teamwork. It is the collaborative process that separates Cosan Studio from the rest. 

Cosan Studio Team, Erika Tellez


Erika Tellez

Erika received her Master of Architecture from Arizona State University in 2014. Since graduating, Erika has had a hand in the design of a variety of projects across the valley. As an Arizona native, she has come to treasure the unique landforms present in our desert and reflects on those as inspiration for her work. The relationship between people and the natural world begins with the spaces we inhabit—Erika aspires to strengthen that bond by refining design. For her, the most gratifying moments in architecture are rooted in craftsmanship—pushing boundaries by adapting materials and methods to deliver the best results. 

Cosan Studio Team, Nick Peterson


nick peterson

Nick studied architecture at the University of Utah, traveled throughout Europe investigating contemporary architectural theory and practices, and completed a graduate studio in Japan. During graduate school he gained hands-on experience in the design and construction of a sustainable home for a family on the Navajo reservation. For his final thesis in Amsterdam, Nick earned the annual Design Excellence award. Following graduation, Nick worked for POHL Inc. of America, coordinating with architects and engineers to design and implement rain screen systems for projects across the globe. Prior to joining Cosan Studio in 2021, Nick lived in San Antonio, Texas and joined Overland Partners Architects, working on multiple commercial projects. He later started his own design studio, specializing in residential architecture. Nick is passionate about sustainable design and creating spaces that respond to the natural environment, creating connections between the architecture, occupant, and site.

Cosan Studio Team, Kenny Velasquez


kenny velasquez

Kenny, a recent first-generation college graduate, received his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University where he used various media forms to study architectural design. With the opportunity to travel to his country of origin—El Salvador—Kenny realized the importance of documenting the relationship between culture and architecture in the form of sketch, photography, and videography. Since then, he has found a passion for sharing the thoughtful designs that he collaborates on with Cosan Studio through videography. With the integration of cultural identity into architectural design at the forefront of his priorities, he hopes to continue to learn from the creative team around him in the process of designing custom-built architecture for Cosan Studio's unique clients.

Cosan Studio Team, Deric Wallace


deric wallace

Deric has over 25 years of professional experience in custom residential design. After starting his education at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, he went on to graduate from Arizona State University in 1995. Since then, he has worked with several architectural firms in the Phoenix area and has developed a passion for crafting unique homes that respond to the specific needs of their clients, budget, and site. With an eye for detail and a deep understanding of the design process, Deric takes great pleasure in turning ideas into reality, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing homes that enhance the lives of their occupants.




Native to the Valley of the Sun, Bailey studied at Northern Arizona University and has worked diligently to serve clients in various capacities over the past nine years. Following her time at NAU, Bailey returned to the East Valley to savor the sunshine, spend more time with family, and continue following her passion for creating meaningful connections with her clients. As Cosan Studio’s Project Coordinator, Bailey enjoys contributing to the unique experience we offer our clients. She plays an essential role in bringing all the pieces together to help deliver our clients' dream homes. 

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